Battery Operated 8 Litre Sprayer


The 8 litre Swagman sprayer is the perfect size for the domestic gardner and hobby plant collector.

Battery opperated means you dont need to get pump the bottle to keep the pressure up! Makies a time consuming activity, quick and more effective than ever!

You can see a video of it working here.



The 8lt Swagman is powered by a fully enclosed and sealed rechargeable 6volt 4.5 AH battery.

The pump is a compact mini diaphragm 6 volt unit, light weight but with high pressure 55 PSI 4 Bar.

The result is a robust unit that will spray continuously for 1.5 hours on a single charge.


The Swagman maintains constant uniform spray patterns. Select continuous spraying or stop/start control. The nozzle adjusts for fine spraying to spotting allowing total control.


The Swagman's triple screening of the liquid prior to the pump prevents solids entering the pump unit causing clogging. The filters are easily removed for service and cleaning.

The fill opening is extra-large for easier filling and cleaning.


  • Operating and Maintenance Manual. Please read carefully to help you get optimum performance from your sprayer.
  • Attention Sticker and Warranty Card. Attention Sticker will remind you of key operational tips. Place it on your sprayer. Return  Warranty Card for optimum support or register online.
  • Lance, Hose and Handpiece
  • Handle with hose holder and lance fix
  • Spray Nozzle
  • Spare Parts Kit containing O rings, filter, fuse, fittings etc.
  • Battery charger
  • $149.50