Sphagnum Moss (Spag Moss) - AAG+ 5L Bag

Sphagnum Moss (Spag Moss) - AAG+ 5L Bag


Premium New Zealand Sphagnum Moss (Spag Moss) ready to use. Great for a growing media in its own right or as addition to your own special media blend.

This is AAG+ Sphagnum moss and is a superior grade to almost all other offering of Sphagnum in Australia. AAG+ moss is a Commercial grade, S. cristatum, with length of at least 150mm for 50% of the product. Lower grades of Sphagnum only have a strand length of 100mm and are normally considered retail only.

The extra strand length makes this ideal choice for lining baskets for Dracula, Stanhopea and Gongora.

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